Welcome snazzy design-seeker!

I began freelancing in 19-oatcake after I discovered a fabby new devil in a box called "the-com-pu-ter" & became a self taught design nerd :)
All my work is bespoke & Im hugely passionate about all sizes of projects. Clients have spanned UK, Europe, Canada & USA & usually say nice things about me.
I've proven that distance is no object to creating gorgeous designs but sharing cake can occasionally be a problem.

Having your shiny new website developed should be a joy, not a source of hair-tearing-trauma.
It's simple to get started & doesnt need to cost a small country economy. You can contact me with a few thoughts, no pressure & no obligation.
I can provide you with lots of references from clients I've bribed, but ultimately the proof will be in your own pudding.

...& if you're happy with my work then you might say nice things about me too.