Here's a few I made earlier using some stickyback plastic, a coathanger, three pipecleaners & an empty washing up liquid bottle. I'm not allowed to play with pointy things unsupervised, so anything you can't click isn't quite dry yet but there's heaps more to rummage through on my facebook kaboodle.

The click stuff bit!

Fuzzy feature :)

I've two loves in life (ok, three including coffee). Design & Horses. Dammit. Four. I forgot the wolfdogs. Utter joy to design for Tony. Trends change but the darker tones we created in 2014 still reflect his beautiful work. Now linked to his shopify it's all going great guns. He's hugely talented, an utterly top bloke & one of the clients who gave me free creative reins & trusted my judgement. I love him lots.